Baby dishwashing Soap - With no added...

Baby dishwashing Soap - With no added Fragrance

We have selected Les Petits Bidons dishwashing soap, so that you can wash the nipples, bottles and pacifiers with a clean and Made in France product, composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin 

ECOCERT certified, without controversial ingredients, made in Bourgogne. The bottle is 100% from recycled and recyclable household waste.


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Effective for clean and naturally degreased dishes, Les Petits Bidons dishwashing liquid has been tested on sensitive skin and under dermatological control. It is also vegan and not tested on animals.

It does not contain any palm oil derivative, MIT/CMIT, NTA or EDTA, sulfate or sulfate and petroleum-derived surfactant. 

liquide vaisselle les petits bidons

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