Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR...
Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR...
Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR...
Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR...
Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR...

Set of 3 baby bottles - LGBT+ Dad FR by Soledad Bravi

13 Oz baby bottle + two 7,5 Oz baby bottles.

Our bottles are made of Copolyester which gives them this unique transparency.

Our teats are equipped with an anti-colic, anti-reflux and anti-collapse system.

Our bottles are BPA free (according to the regulation in force), but they do not contain either BPS or BPF which are potential endocrine disruptors. 

100% made in France.

You can personnalise this product !

Oui, je veux graver mon produit ! (Price Impact : +€4.00) info


Great care has been paid to the design and the manufacturing process of our unique feeding bottles

Our philosophy : no concessions made regarding any aspect of our feeding bottles: impeccable from conception until the day of recycling. Our products are 100% made in France which guarantees not only their quality but also traceability. Our bottles are made with copolyester which gives transparency, lightness and sturdiness and they are really durable. Our bottles are clean. They remain so, and will not contaminate your babie's milk with millions of plastic microparticles. In order that you may take your bottle everywhere you go, a soft organic cotton pouch is provided with this set.

7,5 oz : 0m+

This feeding bottle is very convenient for babies at all ages. you can combine it with the other 7,5 oz bottle and the bigger one of 360ml - 13Oz. It is provided with a nipple Size M for children over 6 months old but you can adapt the S one for newborn babies. This bottle is provided with a nipple S, suitable from the birth.

7,5 oz : 6m+

This thin feeding bottle was designed specifically for new born babies. It is provided with a nipple S, suitable from the birth, you can of course use it with the nipple size M whenever your child is ready. This bottle is supplied with a nipple M, recommended for children over 6 months.

13 oz : 6m+

This Bottle is especially dedicated for older children and larger meals. You can combine it with the two other bottles. This bottle is already provided with an adapter ring and a nipple M, recommended for children over 6 months.  An additional adapter ring is also provided.

Our nipples are 100% pure silicone which provides them such comfort in the mouth of your baby. You can adapt them on the 3 different bottles. The texture of the nipple, its flow rate which is adaptable for each age, its ergonomic shape and especially the presence of an anti-colic valve are all combined parameters which ensure that your baby will effortlessly latch on to our bottle. Because of its shape and texture, Le Biberon Français offers you an ideal nipple to supplement, or replace, breastfeeding.

The shape of the nipple’s slit has been specifically designed to allow different flow rates depending on the orientation of the nipple. When the number 1 is facing upwards, the flow will be slow. If you see the 2 on top, the flow will be average,  and the flow is fastest when the number 3 is in view. So all you have to do is turn our bottle to get the flow required.


Our products are wide collars for easy cleaning, Before first use, dive the product into boiling water and leave it there for 5 min. For later use, clean the bottle (s) and teat(s) -nipple (s) thoroughly. Wash and rinse. Carefully wash all items with hot water and some washing up liquid. To assemble a bottle: start by inserting the teat-nipple into the ring and please check that it is adherent, then it is enough to tighten the ring with the teat-nipple in it on the body of the bottle, tightening must be firm but not excessive. For the 13Oz bottles do not forget to use the reduction ring flat face up, before tightening the ring. Questions ? Write us !


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