Our teats / nipples

Our teats  have patented anti colic and anti relfux system

The nipple is the key to a comfortable and pleasant feed.

Thanks to the qualityand technical specifications of our design, your baby will happily accept bottle feeding.

The texture of the nipple, its flow ratewhich is adaptable for each age, itsergonomic shape and especially the presence of an anti-colic valve are all combined parameters which ensure that your baby will effortlessly latch on to our bottle. Because of its shape and texture, Le Biberon Français offers you an ideal nipple to supplement, or replace, breastfeeding.

All of our teats have patented anti colic and anti relfux system. It's probably the most performant in the world ! They are also made to prevent a collapse when baby is sucking on it. 

Our nipples are 100% pure silicone which provides them such comfort in the mouth of your baby. You can adapt them on the 3 different bottles. The 360 ml-13 Oz is provided with a reduction ring for that purpose.

The nipple marked S (0m+)is suitable from the birth until 6 monts old, and the nipple marked M (6m+) is suitable for children over 6 months. Our nipple are all with 3 speeds with different flows.

The shape of the nipple’s slit has been specifically designed to allow different flow rates depending on the orientation of the nipple. When the number 1 is facing upwards, the flow will be slow. If you see the 2 on top, the flow will be average, and the flow is fastest when the number 3 is in view. So all you have to do is turn our bottle to get the flow required.

Our teats / nipples

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