A Family Story

They measure only eighty centimeters, arms raised, but each baby alone fills three suitcases and two travelling bags. For this all-round champ, your baby, it was necessary to create a supreme bottle.

An ingenious dad did it. By deciding to lighten your load, he set himself the task of creating a sublime and practical object. Challenge accepted and Le Biberon Français was born!

Let’s go, little squad!

Committed father and passionate inventor, Benjamin Banoun is not one to sit around and wait. During a trip to the seaside with a trunk filled to the brim, and kids tightly seated between bags, he found that Odile, his wife, had devoted an entire XXL bag to baby bottles! A brilliant idea then occurred to him: he should reinvent the bottle and make, at the same time, a little more room in the minivan.

It was at this moment that the idea was born to combine, in the same range of feeding bottles, the best materials, the most perfect teats and easy to use bottles with a trendy design. The idea was to offer all families reliable, aesthetic and recyclable products. "Impossible is not French" ! Baby bottles that are high-end and democratic, Le Biberon Français, entirely designed, conceived and made in France and using only the finest materials, was soon to see the light ....

Growing up

Our bottle is meant to grow with its small owner. Used by some parents from the first feed as a supplement to, or as a replacement for, breastfeeding, our bottle defines the privileged and unforgettable tender moments of infancy. Nestled in loving arms, fragile but determined, each baby will grow steadily, gaining strength. Very soon they will master their movements and will be able to grab hold of the feeding bottle themselves with their own tiny hands. A nourishing and reassuring object, the feeding bottle becomes the object of their first taste experiments and too soon will be colored with fruit juices, flavored milk and syrups of all kinds.

A revolutionary feeding bottle for little ones

After a year of exciting research and development aimed at combining quality, comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics, Le Biberon Français was patented and quickly became the holy grail of bottles for stylish young parents.

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